Hospitals may send obese patients to zoos for a scan


A headline in the Telegraph caught my eye,

NHS hospitals will have to use scanners from zoos because they are unable to cope with severely overweight patients, surgeons have predicted.

A Telegraph reader, johndeed, sums it up nicely,

Charge them for use of the equipment if they are that FAT. The government raises taxes on tobacco and alcohol users because they allegedly cost the NHS money although the tax collected from these two sources more than offsets any extra cost. Stop pandering to these people, they are that FAT because they eat too much and exercise too little, yes a minority might have a genetic disorder but the majority just don't take care of their diet.

I never understand why the carers of bed bound obese people still feed them many thousands of calories more then your average person requires, its a form of cruelty keeping them in that state. Of course the carers, often four or more at a time, also keep themselves in a job by doing so.

Talking about zoos ones thoughts drift to visitor attractions, better not go there, the sights would be too ghastly.