A New Airport for the Midlands

Many years ago we were returning home from Nuneaton. However we got lost and ended up on the A5 going east. After a quick look at the map we decided to use the Fosse Way (B4455) heading south.

I do not know why, but travelling along that piece of road, it immediately came to mind that this would be a good place to build a serious airport. The area was flat and seemed quite remote.

The area is contained by the A5 to the north, Fosse Way to the east, M6 to the south and M69 to the west and is essentially agricultural. Two villages might be affected, Copston Magna and Withybrook. If the airport actually straddled the Fosse Way then those villages would probably not be affected at all, though care would then have to be taken with Monks Kirby because of it historic connections.

A few years later I was quite surprised that the aviation review of 2002/2003 choose a site for a new Midlands airport south of the M6, between Coventry and Rugby by Church Lawford. It would have still been alongside the Fosse Way though slightly to the east of it.

More to come.